Apocracy is an uncommon term that exists to define an alteration of any topic. Apocracy is a word you can easily find anywhere. Popular dictionaries like Merriam-Webster and Oxford dictionary did not list Apocracy in their words list. However, there are still few online dictionaries that have an exact definition of Apocracy. Still, the word … Continue reading Apocracy


Decubitis is a type of stomach ulcer that is common for the elderly and bed-ridden individuals. Decubitis also has other terms like Decubitus, pressure ulcers, and bedsores. Unlike stomach ulcers caused by a type of bacteria or non-steroidal inflammatory drugs or NSAID and damage the stomach’s lining, you cannot say the same for the cause … Continue reading Decubitis


The word Sheriat is another term for Shariat or Shari’a. It is a fundamental religious law in Islam. Muslims have been following and observing teachings according to the law provided by the Quran through Sheriat. The Sheriat also helped shape and govern the Islam society and is still practiced in many countries today. History Sheriat … Continue reading Sheriat

WhatsApp Login

WhatsApp is a popular messaging tool developed by Facebook and released way back in 2009. Since then, WhatsApp has gained billions of users and has an estimated 2 billion monthly users today. The reason why WhatsApp became popular is that it offers convenience and ease of communicating. The login features of WhatsApp are also how … Continue reading WhatsApp Login

Bitly Login

Bitly is a platform that provides link shortening and link management services. Including links in posts, stories and articles have become more accessible thanks to the help of Bitly. Not only are posts easier to read, but now, they are also more engaging. They also have link customization options that are available for all users. … Continue reading Bitly Login

WITCH Company

WITCH companies have provided lots of people with jobs. They have made it easier for people to land a job even if they don’t have a high skill requirement. WITCH companies are also perfect for undergraduates who can’t land a job or need to make money to survive each day. The only requirement for most … Continue reading WITCH Company