How to Trick a Monkey

According to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection, and backed with centuries of research that covers the entirety of the evolution tree of all species, humans, otherwise scientifically referred to as the subspecies homo sapiens sapiens, have descended from the same extinct ancient ancestor as modern-day monkeys With the humor inherent to mankind, this … Continue reading How to Trick a Monkey

Who is Chad Slater?

Fame isn’t for everyone. If you can’t handle anonymous mean comments online, malicious rumors, or obsessive stalker fans and equally obsessive stalker haters, being part of the general population is the way to go for you.  Like all other famous people, Hollywood A-lister Tom Cruise is also plagued with rumors of varying topics ranging from … Continue reading Who is Chad Slater?

Francis Clifford Smith: The Longest-Incarcerated Prisoner in the World

After 71 years of serving a life sentence, Francis Clifford Smith is the longest-serving prisoner in the United States. He’s also the second oldest American currently serving time. The 94-year-old has been behind bars since 1950, only enjoying a brief stint of freedom since then. (   The world has undergone cataclysmic changes since Smith … Continue reading Francis Clifford Smith: The Longest-Incarcerated Prisoner in the World

Jackey Vinson

Contents 1 Overview 1.1 Early Life 1.2 The Wizard 1.3 Acting Career 1.4 Downfall Overview “I love the Power Glove. It’s so bad.” This famous line from the hot-headed rival of Jimmy Woods, on one of the most beloved movies in the 1980’s “The Wizard” was portrayed by none other than Jackey Vinson. Where is … Continue reading Jackey Vinson

Femboy, Trap

Femboy/Trap or Sissy Boyfriends have a feminine gender expression and feel emotionally connected to being seen as a boy or man in a romantic relationship. Femboy/Trap or Sissy Boyfriends are an emerging new type of partner with a unique identity, who can be found in online dating spaces. The term femboy refers to a feminine … Continue reading Femboy, Trap

FB Mbasic

FB Mbasic is an alternative version of Facebook. Individuals use it for browsing Facebook through their mobile devices. Facebook users that have an unreliable internet connection rely on FB Mbasic to access the platform. The way it works is similar to the standard version of Facebook. Still, there are limitations on what FB Mbasic can … Continue reading FB Mbasic

Quietest Animals

Communication is crucial to humans. Through communication, we can understand each other, build our nation, and survive our daily battle. We can express our thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Animals, same as humans, communicate with one another too, like how a dog wags its tail to show affection, male birds sing to find mates, tiger roars … Continue reading Quietest Animals