Cow Vag

Generally, people eat muscle meats. However, various cultures worldwide consider organ meat as a staple of their diet. Organ meats are called Offal (derived from the word “off-fall”). It refers to parts of animals that fall away when butchered, such as the blood, bones, tail, feet, or genitals.  The cow vagina is one of the … Continue reading Cow Vag

Francis Clifford Smith: The Longest-Incarcerated Prisoner in the World

After 71 years of serving a life sentence, Francis Clifford Smith is the longest-serving prisoner in the United States. He’s also the second oldest American currently serving time. The 94-year-old has been behind bars since 1950, only enjoying a brief stint of freedom since then. (   The world has undergone cataclysmic changes since Smith … Continue reading Francis Clifford Smith: The Longest-Incarcerated Prisoner in the World

Quietest Animals

Communication is crucial to humans. Through communication, we can understand each other, build our nation, and survive our daily battle. We can express our thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Animals, same as humans, communicate with one another too, like how a dog wags its tail to show affection, male birds sing to find mates, tiger roars … Continue reading Quietest Animals

Turkey’s Red Thing

The turkey is a big bird native to North America that has been widely domesticated for food. It belongs to the genus Meleagris, the family of Phasianidae, with two species called Meleagris Gallopavo and Meleagris Ocellata. They usually live in mixed-conifer and hardwood forests, with an open field to find food. Despite their size, turkeys … Continue reading Turkey’s Red Thing

Kehoe Airport

Kehoe Airport is a fictional airport in the movie “Cold Pursuit” starring Liam Neeson. It is a small airport in town where the son of Nels Coxman (Liam Neeson) works. Criminal enforcers Speedo and Limbo kidnapped his son from the airport. They have killed him by a forced heroin overdose as they have mixed him … Continue reading Kehoe Airport

Chinese Apple

Chinese apples have many names and different varieties of fruit, depending on which country they are found. Each country has its version of the Chinese apple. For example, China regarded the Chinese apple as Malus prunifolia, an apple-bearing fruit. Dutch referred Chinese apple to an Orange (Citrus Sinensis), while British English called it Pomegranate (Punica … Continue reading Chinese Apple