Reverse NTR

Reverse NTR is a fairly new subgenre in adult entertainment that’s blowing up so fast people keep googling to find out its meaning. The while many couples are into Netori, some are doing the exact opposite. If anything, some claim that such a practice, though considered to be taboo, helps strengthen their relationship. Let’s check … Continue reading Reverse NTR

Is Doritos Halal?

Just like it’s the case with Cheetos, Doritos are among the most popular go-to first foods in the world today. Some refer to Doritos as the American version of tortilla chips. The original Doritos didn’t come with any flavors when they were invented by Frito-Lay back in the mid-nineteen forties. The flavoring caught on years … Continue reading Is Doritos Halal?


Netori, which has been the slang word for cuckoldry, has been around for the longest time. Even though it sounds like a taboo subject, many still practice it, either willingly or unwillingly. If anything, research has found a plethora of benefits that come as a result of practicing Netori in a relationship. And since curate’s … Continue reading Netori

My Boyfriend Is Attracted to Transwomen

Sexuality has become such a sensitive subject in this day and age that many, especially the old-fashioned, find it hard to articulate themselves. Unfortunately, the latter doesn’t just start and end with old-timers. There are cases where women who were raised in traditional homes get confused when their supposed ‘traditional’ boyfriends start showing attraction towards … Continue reading My Boyfriend Is Attracted to Transwomen