How to be a Femboy

You don’t need to put on dresses and skirts to give your clothes a more feminine vibe. Men tend to go for baggier loose-fitting clothes while women generally prefer tighter figure-hugging outfits. Therefore, the first step should be getting close-fitting shirts and pants. You can also jazz up the color palette by deviating from the drab blacks, greys, and blues into the pink and floral territories. Continue reading How to be a Femboy


The term abolishment may seem quite synonymous but its importance is etched within the very fiber of history itself. If anything, the term itself has been used to mark the most important times when throngs of individuals got the chance to earn back their freedom. (Xanax) But before we get into any intimate details, let’s … Continue reading Abolishment

How to Trick a Monkey

According to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection, and backed with centuries of research that covers the entirety of the evolution tree of all species, humans, otherwise scientifically referred to as the subspecies homo sapiens sapiens, have descended from the same extinct ancient ancestor as modern-day monkeys With the humor inherent to mankind, this … Continue reading How to Trick a Monkey

Who is Chad Slater?

Fame isn’t for everyone. If you can’t handle anonymous mean comments online, malicious rumors, or obsessive stalker fans and equally obsessive stalker haters, being part of the general population is the way to go for you.  Like all other famous people, Hollywood A-lister Tom Cruise is also plagued with rumors of varying topics ranging from … Continue reading Who is Chad Slater?


The term bare-chested is as common as they come. Unfortunately, not many care to understand where the word came from as well as its significance in the English language. But, that’s why I’m here. Let’s kick things off with the proper definition of the term Barechested. What’s the definition of the term Barechested? According to … Continue reading Barechested